Wild Rising's Unwind salts are a combination of natural ingredients, which improve the blood circulation, give strength to the body, tones, and improves the quality of the skin aswell as offering you chance to truly unwind due to the perfect duo of essential oils.


Unwind contains Chamomile and Neroli essential oils to create a soothing and calming effect on your mood and assists to enhance your nervous system. Thereby helping to relax both the mind and body. Unwind also contains dried lavender flowers  which contain vitamins and antioxidants which contribute in repairing, soothing irritated skin and promoting collagen production. 


Himalayan Salt benefits include;

- Detoxification

- Improves overall health

- Relieves pain by easing aches and pains

- Supports balance in hormones and metabolism

- Aids sleep

- Stimulates immune system 


This pouch contains 125g. 

Unwind - Chamomile and Neroli Bath Salts

  • 'WILD RISING comes from my passion for clean, organic and earth derived ingredients and I see self care as one of the most important parts of the day. I therefore encourage you to take time for yourself, connect with nature and explore the ingredients.

    As our bodies’ largest organ is the skin, meaning anything it comes into contact with is easily absorbed, there certainly isn’t any place for harmful preservatives in the WILD RISING range.

    Each product contains 100% active ingredients, which result in highly effective treatments for the skin and body.I use only the finest wildcrafted, organic cold pressed and steam distilled carrier oils, butters, essential oils and botanical herbs. I handcraft and label each individual product in small batches to ensure freshness of the precious antioxidants in the natural oils, butters and extracts.' - Danielle 

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