Our collection of beautifully curated festive gift sets are sure to bring joy to your loved ones!
Add a Christmas card or a notecard to your gift, write your personalised message which we will handwrite it on your chosen card, wrap to perfection in our festive gift wrap and deliver it! 


Gift set includes:

Hyaluronic Acid Gold Foil Mask

The BeautyPro Hyaluronic Acid Gold Foil Mask is an intensely hydrating and nourishing treatment that utilises your natural body temperature to create a warming sensation. This transfer of heat accelerates the penetration of the powerful ingredients into the skin, increasing their effectiveness and providing instant results.


Unwind Bath Salts

Wild Rising's Unwind salts are a combination of natural ingredients, which improve the blood circulation, give strength to the body, tones, and improves the quality of the skin aswell as offering you chance to truly unwind due to the perfect duo of essential oils.

Unwind contains Chamomile and Neroli essential oils to create a soothing and calming effect on your mood and assists to enhance your nervous system. Thereby helping to relax both the mind and body. Unwind also contains dried lavender flowers which contain vitamins and antioxidants which contribute in repairing, soothing irritated skin and promoting collagen production.


Calm Cocoa By Meredith Whitely

The Original Rich Mix contains lovingly flaked single origin dark chocolate with a dash of organic cacao powder, a splash of organic coconut sugar and a teensy pinch of sea salt. It’s designed to melt easily and give you a full (yet gentle!) chocolatey hit.

The label of the pack opens up with instructions for making your perfect cup of Calm Cocoa. It also comes with a special Mindful Hot Chocolate Meditation card for you to sip your hot chocolate as a self-guided meditation.


Mini Colombian Single Origin 41% Milk Chocolate

The finest single-origin chocolate from Colombia combined with lashings of creamy milk to give you a soft melting mix of suave flavours & rich aromas. 

Warm Wishes