Our Sleepy Mind Gift Box is a soothing combination of natural yet effective products that will help you wind down and get a good night’s sleep. 


Gift Box Includes: 

Sleep Atmosphere Mist Spray by Spritz Wellness

Sleep Atmosphere Mist helps you to wind down and drift off, naturally. A unique blend of four relaxing, soothing and calming scents;

Lavender - a relaxing and calming scent. 
Mandarin - a relaxing, warming, soothing and calming scent. It helps ease the mind and calm the body. 
Ravensara - a soft, warm scent perfect for calming the nervous system and relieving stress. 
Chamomile - calming  for the nervous system and helps relieve insomnia.  It is blue in colour, has a slight herby scent and is steam distilled from flowers and leaves. 

Sleepy Mind Bath Salts by Bampton House 

Our award winning Sleepy Mind bath salts are a soothing combination of natural ingredients that will help you wind down and get a good night’s sleep. Epsom and Himalayan salts detoxify and tone the skin and ease muscle tension, while nourishing Jojoba leaves skin soft and supple. The unique blend of essential oils help to relax your mind before bed. 


Lavender & Chamomile Candle by Lumos Apothecary

A truly beautiful soothing scent, with relaxing tones of lavender and chamomile. Drift off to the land of nod and completely let your cares drift away. We light this an hour or so before bedtime and sink into the bedsheets feeling completely relaxed and at peace. Lavender oil is used for its balancing and soothing qualities, this makes it ideal for calming the mind and aiding a restful sleep. It’s also pretty awesome as a bath time companion!



Luna Eyes Self Heating Eye Mask

The sleep-inducing lavender scent, combined with the gentle warmth of the mask, provides a relaxing sensation. Tension magically melts away as tired and strained eyes are invited on a sensory sleep experience. Plus, our masks contain blackout properties and can be worn all night.


Calm Cocoa Original by Meredith Whitely

Meredith’s original hot chocolate mix was created for her meditation sessions and is a deep, smooth blend of two chocolate origins. With rich nuttiness, uplifting roasted aromas and subtle hints of jammy berries, sit somewhere quiet and immerse yourself in its warm embrace. The Original Rich Mix contains lovingly flaked single origin dark chocolate with a dash of organic cacao powder, a splash of organic coconut sugar and a teensy pinch of sea salt. It’s designed to melt easily and give you a full (yet gentle!) chocolatey hit.


Sleepy Mind


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