By Bampton House

A natural cuticle oil is the elixir of life for nails. It protects the skin, improves nail growth, and keeps your manicure looking beautiful for longer.


The award winning natural cuticle oil is a combination of nutrient rich oils including Jojoba, Apricot and Camelia lock in moisture and keep your nails flexible whist absorbing quickly so you can get on with using your hands.


The unique essential oil combination not only smells great but have been blended especially for nail health and growth.


Lemon & Grapefruit – These citrus masters brighten your nails and keeps your nails looking shiny.

Frankincense and Lavender –  Lavender has been shown to strengthen nails and cuticles as well as helping to hydrate the skin and Frankincense has wonderful antibacterial properties and encourages nail growth.


100% natural No SLS, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances.

Natural Cuticle Oil

  • Bampton House ethos

    All of the Bampton House products are vegan, paraben and chemical (SLS) free and use 100% natural ingredients - even the wicks in the candles are cotton.

    We promote clean and green living. We are environmentally conscious and try to use previously recycled packaging, or where that isn’t possible, we ensure it has the lowest possible environmental impact.

    The unique blends of essential oils in all of the products give an incredible depth to the scents and feel utterly luxurious to use. Essential oils not only smell lovely, but they have a naturally restorative nature. Our products are popular with yoga studios, hypno-birthing doulas, those that practice mindfulness, as well as anyone that appreciates natural living.  

  • Massage into the cuticles as much as possible, ideally every time you wash your hands but let’s be realistic… how about you pop it on your bedside table and make it part of your night time ritual? The daily massaging motion will improve blood flow to the root of your nail (the matrix) which results in longer, stronger nails over time and soft and supple cuticles.

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