By The Salty Herb

Comforting, relaxing, & relieving. 

This bath bomb has been carefully blended with clary sage, lavender, rose & cypress essential oils. These are known to help with those deflating period pains and give you that little treat when you need it most.


This bath bomb is designed for all menstruators. It contains clary sage, lavender, cypress and rose essential oils, which are all known to reduce bloating and period pain by relieving muscles. This bath bomb will contain ghassoul clay which gives the bath bomb a natural stone like colour, and will be finished with chamomile flowers, lavender petals and rose petals. Ghassoul clay is known for detoxifying, softening and soothing skin. 10% from each bath bomb will go to a charity helping to fight against period poverty, Binti*.


The Salty Herb bath bombs come packaged in a cardboard box with biodegradable packing tape and protected with biodegradable/compostable and water dissolvable packing peanuts. They look after your skin and the environment too.

Moon Bath Bomb

  • 'Our mission is to encourage people in a fast paced world to slow down and take some time to relax.  We have carefully and lovingly hand crafted each product and chosen essential oils which are relaxing, de stressing, uplifting, calming and energising. Taking the time to show your body some love is vital as it's the only home we have. By using only natural, cold pressed, plant based carrier oils and essential oils we're allowing our bodies to be nourished by nature's finest. ' - The Salty Herb

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