By Lumos Apothecary

Lumos Apothecary Lavender & Chamomile Candle tin has a truly beautiful soothing scent, with relaxing tones of lavender and chamomile. Drift off to the land of nod and completely let your cares drift away. We light this an hour or so before bedtime and sink into the bedsheets feeling completely relaxed and at peace. Lavender oil is used for its balancing and soothing qualities, this makes it ideal for calming the mind and aiding a restful sleep. It’s also pretty awesome as a bath time companion!

20cl Tin. Approximately 45 hour burn time.

Lavender & Chamomile Candle

  • 'Our story began in 2019 on our dining room table. With a small melting pot and next to no free time, our brand was born. Our passion for personalising our spaces with unique scents and ethical produce was brought to life.' - Lumos Apothecary

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