Add some luxury to your bath-time escape with our Unwind Gift Set. 


Gift box includes:

Good Vibes Crystal Set by Calm Club LDN

A beautiful selection of handpicked crystals thought to aid wellbeing. Carry them with you or place around the home.

AMETHYST - a calming stone to reduce stress & aid relaxation

ROSE QUARTZ - the stone of ‘unconditional love’, Rose Quartz encourages self-compassion

AQUAMARINE - evokes the purity of crystal blue waters, and the relaxation and feeling of calm that the sea brings.


Chai By Brew Tea Co

This blend is a belter. A mix of malty Assam with traditional 'masala' spices – cinnamon, ginger and pepper. Brew it up strong and add honey and milk for a much more representative chai that'll knock the spots off any sugary coffee shop 'chai latte' you've had recently. This blend was tweaked in 2014 by a team of Chai drinkers & super fans. It was judged the favourite almost unanimously.


Himalyan Musk Luxury Incense Sticks By Sacred Elephant 

A calming mix of Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Ambrette seeds create this graceful incense evoking the meditative and enigmatic nature of the Himalaya. Each stick weighs just over 1 gram, is around 20cm long and will burn for approximately 40 - 45 mins. There are 10 sticks per box.

Good Vibes


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