By Brew Tea Co

The sort of tea that people think of when they describe 'normal' tea, but made with rolled whole leaves and a combination of Indian and Sri Lankan tea that gives it strength without leaving your tongue crying out for help.


The tasty richness of an Indian Assam tea blended with light, fresh Ceylon tea means our English Breakfast is a perfectly balanced, malty classic. Milk optional, as this is strong, but not so powdery you need to dial it down - try it black to see what we mean.


Strong, Malty, Earthy, Rich.

English Breakfast Tea

  • 'Tea grows in loads of places, but the taste can be completely different. Strange then that often the ingredients just say "100% Tea". Obvious, right? We choose origins and farms that achieve just the right taste for each blend and we put them right there on the pack. Manchester isn't known for growing tea. But at Tea HQ we do everything else. Blend it, taste it, pack it, ship it. You're always welcome to drop by and see what is going on.' - Brew Tea Co

  • Assam Black Tea, Ceylon Black Tea

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