By Moksa

A gorgeously indulgent, luxurious and heady blend of rose, geranium and vetivert combined with the powerfully beneficial himalayan pink salt, epsom salt and hand-harvested french sea salt.


This beautiful and unique blend of natural essential oils, salts and real rose petals create a wonderfully relaxing spa like experience in your own bath! Transport your mind to far off exotic places as you lay back and ease those tired, aching muscles allowing the worries of the day to melt away. This makes for the perfect part for your slumber time ritual.


Calm / Vetivert is known for its deeply balancing, calming and grounding properties

Nourish / Packed full of vitamins and minerals, pink Himalayan salt is the purest salt on the planet. This beautiful combination of Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt and hand- harvested French sea salt provides a wonderfully renewing and therapeutic bathing experience.

Indulge / Rose remains one of the most luxurious and indulgent scents out there. With pure Rose Damask as well as real rose petals, you'll feel transported to the gorgeous flower baths of Bali with this sensuous blend!

Damask Rose & Vetivert Himalayan Bath Salts

  • 'All of our products are 100% natural, nutrient dense and ethically sourced.

    We use organic ingredients where possible but are not currently certified organic although it’s something we are striving for in the future.

    We absolutely do not use any form of parabens, petrochemical (mineral oils), sulphates, alcohol or fillers within our products. They are all plant based with no need for the added extras you’ll find elsewhere. You can find a full ingredients list on each product page. ' - Moksa

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