By Brew Tea Co

This blend is a belter. A mix of malty Assam with traditional 'masala' spices – cinnamon, ginger and pepper. Brew it up strong and add honey and milk for a much more representative chai that'll knock the spots off any sugary coffee shop 'chai latte' you've had recently. This blend was tweaked in 2014 by a team of Chai drinkers & super fans. It was judged the favourite almost unanimously.


Spiced, Bright, Earthy

Chai Tea

  • 'Tea grows in loads of places, but the taste can be completely different. Strange then that often the ingredients just say "100% Tea". Obvious, right? We choose origins and farms that achieve just the right taste for each blend and we put them right there on the pack. Manchester isn't known for growing tea. But at Tea HQ we do everything else. Blend it, taste it, pack it, ship it. You're always welcome to drop by and see what is going on.' - Brew Tea Co

  • Ceylon Black Tea, Orange Peel, Bergamot Oil, Marigold Petals

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