By Wax Lane

These beautiful scented wax melt botanical bars are inspired by botanical flowers. The  unforgettable scents create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They are sprinkled with a blend of dried botanicals to compliment your chosen scent.


Each cube has around 6-8 hours burning time.

Includes 1 bar with 10 cubes. 

Botanical Wax Melt Bar - Jasmine & Honeysuckle

  • Wax lane is a small, one person, independent business specialising in home fragrance. 

    Wax Lane is CLP compliant, this means that all allergens are listed on the back of our products, so for those of you with allergies or sensitivities can rest assured that we have your safety in mind when making and labelling my products. 

  • Our scented wax melt botanical bars are inspired by botanical flowers. Pop two wax melt squares on your burner to make your home extra relaxing. 

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