By Bampton House

The award winning Clear Mind aromatherapy bath salts are a reviving combination of natural ingredients that will help you breathe deeply and relieve mental fatigue. Epsom and Himalayan salts detoxify and tone the skin and ease muscle tension, while nourishing Jojoba leaves skin soft and supple. The unique blend of essential oils in these aromatherapy bath salts help to clear your mind of brain fog.

Just lie back and relax.

Bath Salts - Clear Mind

  • Bampton House ethos

    All of the Bampton House products are vegan, paraben and chemical (SLS) free and use 100% natural ingredients - even the wicks in the candles are cotton.

    We promote clean and green living. We are environmentally conscious and try to use previously recycled packaging, or where that isn’t possible, we ensure it has the lowest possible environmental impact.

    The unique blends of essential oils in all of the products give an incredible depth to the scents and feel utterly luxurious to use. Essential oils not only smell lovely, but they have a naturally restorative nature. Our products are popular with yoga studios, hypno-birthing doulas, those that practice mindfulness, as well as anyone that appreciates natural living.  

  • Pour a handful of salts into your bath at the very end of filling. Lay back and relax while the essential oils calm the mind and the salts detoxify your body. Recommended amount per bath: 50g. Store in a dry, cool, dark place to maximise shelf life.

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