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A message from our founder, Harjot

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

There are certain self-care habits I have developed over the years that pick me up when life gets a little too much, and keeps me feeling like myself. These habits fuel my good days, while keeping me from sinking too low on my bad days. It’s fair to say I have tried and tested a lot of products!

Creating thoughtful, unique gift sets for loved ones filled with all my wellness discoveries has become a passion of mine. The thought and planning, the thrill of creating the perfect experience, all start to form together to create a vision of happiness. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from putting all the pieces of a gift set together to create a quality and memorable experience.

From sharing self-care tips, to skincare routines, to wellness habits with friends and family, I decided it was time to share what I have learnt with the rest of the world. My primary focus is to help you and your loved ones hit the reset button, focus on yourself and be the best version of you!

This is how The Wellness Boxx was born.

Love, Harjot

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